What is the Process of Being Fitted?

Being properly fitted for prosthesis or an orthotic device is a complex process. It requires skill, experience, patience, care and consideration of the individual’s needs and desires. Since you are an individual, with personal needs and concerns, we need to ensure that both the prosthetic or orthotic device is custom designed and built with your particular situation kept in mind, and that the fitting process is also designed and implemented in such a way that your unique needs and desires are met properly.

Fitting Process

One size does NOT fit all! This is not only a new and complex experience that you are facing. It can cause anxiety or even be frightening. At Orthotic and Prosthetic Specialists, we believe that showing you what to expect will make this much easier and will not only reduce tension, but will also facilitate a more rapid transition and speed your success.

* We accept most private insurances as well as Medicare and Medicaid. We will help with the approval process and file the claim for you.
Please contact our office with specific questions regarding your insurance.